miércoles, 9 de febrero de 2011
That moment when the lights go down, the screams get louder and your heart skips a beat, then right there in front of you are your heroes, the ones you have been counting down the days to see. The spotlight glows on their faces and suddenly you become fearless, you dont have a single care in the world because for a few hours your life is perfect. When they put the microphone out to the crowd you sing every single lyric at the top of your voice and dance until your feet cannot feel the floor. For one night you are surrounded by people who feel the exact same way, who understand you and your love for a band so close to your heart. You sing, you sing along and wave your hands in the air, you cry, you cry because this moment is what you have been waiting for since you very first laid eyes on them, and when they say “i wanna hear you make some noise” you scream, you scream for every single time they have made you feel like you are special. And when its over you smile yourself to sleep and even though you may suffer from post concert depression somehow a certain song will always bring you back to that arena because a concert like this never ends, it lasts a lifetime.

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